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Stating the obvious: If there's an option to get into CO's front cabin to HNL then definitely take it.

My experience is that the CO and DL coach products are fairly interchangeable to HNL. I booked an award onto DL metal HNL-LAX (which is a redeye so I slept the whole way and don't remember much) but they did offer some sort of free snack IIRC. If you're on an award in coach, I don't see too much difference.

August is just a tough time to get awards to Hawaii. I've seen availability open up within the 7-day window this summer, so you could book your current-best option now and cross your fingers that you'll get something better (especially if you can do so before Aug. 17th when the new fees go into effect).

It's also worth noting that the little color-coded reward availability calendar sometimes lies: it might say that there are no SaverPass seats available based on the color it shows for the date in the calendar grid, yet if you do a search for that exact date, it'll return seats.

Not sure of your dates, but I'm seeing BF possibilities for that LAX-HNL CO flight 3 on 8/15 and 8/22, both Fridays.
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