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Think I found a BRG for Anaheim August dates

Roadtripman, since I'm a "newbie" at this could you confirm if I'm doing this right. has 2 double beds for $79
Wyndham has it for $109 (think it's a substantial difference)
for August 5 Wyndham Anaheim Park.
I'm at a library computer right now so I can't do a screen save but will when I get home later tonight (I'm not computer savy) and then I guess I need to put in a BRG claim. How would it work for 2 nights. Would the first night be free and the second $79? Was going to do a Priceline bid for this area but was going to stay almost a week and know that PL bids for that length of stay might be problematic. If this is indeed legit for BRG I might just book for 8/1 and then 8/11 which will be right before our return back home. Really trying to do this trip on "budget" so a freebie night would work out well.
Have you ever stayed here?
Please let me know if I "did good" on this find...
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