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Originally Posted by OptionsCLE View Post
For example, would LN be 5-6 or 555-66?
Originally Posted by belynch View Post
Assuming you can even get that far. I generally call from airports (go figure) where there's a ton of background noise, so the VR software immediately thinks I'm speaking, and goes into that mode.

Plus, I'd venture a guess that the vast majority of FF'ers have smartphones where the alpha characters no longer correspond to the numerics as per the olde tyme telephone protocol.

9'er? Are you calling from a walkie talkie?
I put my phone on mute after hitting the send key. I can still enter the DTMF touch tones on the keypad and then un-mute the phone once I'm through the IVR system. Also, at least on a BB you can hold down the shift key and press the letter and the phone will put it through as the appropriate number.
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