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Originally Posted by honmani2 View Post
Got it. I didn't know that airports weren't considered "sterile".
Even if it were, you'd still need a passport even if your origin and destination didn't require that you need one. Hypothetical example, if you were flying AA UA SFO-MEX-IAD. As a rule carry a passport wherever any itinerary contains a flight leaves the country of your citizenship or where you cannot travel w/o travel documents.

What would happen if you just didn't have a passport and you thought you were going from HNL to ANC without realizing that you're entering Canada?

I guess you wouldn't be allowed to board in HNL?
These days, yes. A few years ago, all you would have needed was ID + proof of citizenship (DL + Birth Cert for someone born in the U.S.) Now, it's pretty much a passport or passport card.

Oh, a few more questions. What about check-in luggage?
You'll have to reclear it through CBP. You either recollect it normally if you clear Canadian entry or upstairs in a special area if you can bypass Canadian entry. Ask the agent what your tag is. If it's just tagged YVR, you need to clear Canadian entry and pick it up on your way out, if tagged YVR and ANC, then you should be able to collect it upstairs before clearing U.S. customs.

And can I shop at the duty-free shop prior to "leaving" Canada for the U.S.?
Only if you clear entry into Canada. As far as booze goes, supermarket prices in Hawaii are probably much cheaper than YVR duty-free prices.

And do I have to go through customs and immigration in ANC?
With preclearance, no.

I guess the lesson is go to HNL-ANC via SEA.
Yes, that is the much easier and hassle-free route.

Did you get the ticket as one, both UA-coded flights in either direction? If so, I am surprised it is allowed
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