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Originally Posted by MarkXS View Post

I understand this is what you believe, and no doubt what you were told and trained, if it was specifically talked about in your training at all. However, empirical evidence from 100's of FTers makes it very clear that UA does in fact block certain OA availability.
I think what s/he is trying to say is that CSR's need to know how to search and book flights that aren't showing on their screen. Yes, Starnet can "block" certain flights from displaying at all, but there are some flights that are perfectly valid bookings that a CSR still needs to "dig" for.

Whereas there are some flights (such as the NZ LAX-LHR-LAX flight, many intra-europe LH flights, etc.) that UA simply will not allow to be booked. That limitation has existed for some time. If the FT CSR (welcome, btw!) has some time at the office, do some searches for intra-europe LH flights and you'll notice that although boatlods exist, you won't be able to see any of them. Same with the LAX-LHR NZ flight.

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