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Originally Posted by dwsnc View Post
I know this has probably been discussed many, many times, but I can't seem to find an answer to my question.

I am flying DL through ATL to Mexico. Delta has my World Perks number on file with the reservation. Does DL upgrade NW World Perks elite passengers (Gold) if seats are available?

The flights are all DL designated.

Thanks in advance
Sorry, but you are likely to be out of luck unless and until the "merger" closes (and even then a further wait is possible).

DL does not upgrade NW elites except maybe in the non-ordinary circumstance where DL needs to upgrade someone for operational reasons and a NW elite gets selected.

[FWIW, NW seems upgrade DL elite far more frequently than DL upgrades NW elites -- but even this is usually a non-ordinary result.]
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