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“Youngest Customer Ever” Born on JetBlue Flight

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JetBlue officials confirmed via Twitter that a healthy baby boy was born during a flight from Puerto Rico to Florida on Friday. The surprise new arrival joined the passengers of flight 1954 over the Atlantic Ocean on an aircraft coincidentally named the “Born to Be Blue,” but the airline says the plane could be renamed to honor the birthday boy.

When JetBlue Flight 1954 landed at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL), there was one more passenger on board than there had been when the flight departed San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) less than three hours earlier. A healthy baby boy was born during the short journey over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Airline officials seemed almost as proud as the new mom that the newborn arrived during a JetBlue flight. The fact that the birth occurred on an aircraft with the appropriate moniker of “Born to Be Blue” was not lost on the company’s public relations team.

“Giving storks a day off,” the airline wrote in a Twitter post welcoming the newborn passenger. “With mom’s okay, we’d like to rename ‘Born To Be Blue’ after our newest baby blue and our youngest customer ever. More baby shower gifts to come!” The airline’s social media team also added the rather clever hashtag #AirBorn.

The very pregnant passenger is said to have gone into labor close to halfway through the scheduled 2 hour and 45-minute flight. Crew members and medical professionals on the plane helped to deliver the precious cargo in route to his very first final destination. The plane was later met by first responders shortly after touching down at FLL.  

“We’d like to thank the crew and medical professionals on board for their quick action under pressure, and wish the new mother and son all the best,” JetBlue spokesperson Tamara Young told South Florida ABC-affiliate WPLG.

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Flight44 February 25, 2019

Woman that far along should not have been flying. Complications for her, the child, and everyone.