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Support Animal Injures Young Girl Boarding Southwest Flight

On Wednesday, a small child flying aboard a Southwest Airlines flight received a minor injury from a fellow passenger’s dog. According to a Southwest spokesperson, the dog’s teeth “scraped a child’s forehead as the young passenger approached the animal.”

The child was treated by paramedics and cleared to stay on the flight scheduled to depart for Portland, Oregon. The dog and its owner were removed.

It is unclear whether the dog was an emotional-support animal or a certified service dog.

To read more on this story, go to  ABC 15.

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fivenue February 24, 2018

what mrmh blabbering about? it has nothing to do w/ southwest

arcticflier February 23, 2018

Passenger Todd Rice, who had nothing to do with the dog or the child, tweeted he will never fly SWA again as a result of this incident. Way to go Todd Rice! You win todays award for the King (or Queen) of over-reaction and drama.

MrMh February 23, 2018

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