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You Can Now Buy Access to Etihad’s JFK Residence Lounge

If you haven’t had the chance to visit New York JFK’s Etihad Private Residence VIP Room just yet, you’re in luck. It’s now possible to buy access to the lounge for just $40!

However, this room is available for purchase only when Etihad doesn’t have a Residence passenger flying that day. When they do, the room goes to that passenger as part of their airline ticket, whether it was booked with cash or eith [Etihad] miles.

This new information is not yet available on Etihad’s website, but View from the Wing obtained the following statement:

You can also upgrade to our VIP Room for an additional $40 for you and your family. This is a completely private area, where you can have a bite to eat, rest or simply enjoy time together before your flight. Our New York lounge opens three hours prior to flight departures. Lounge access and use of the VIP Room are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can pay at the lounge on the day by using credit card or Etihad Guest Miles.”

Since it will be first come, first served, I have a feeling that it will be pretty tough to actually get into the Residence VIP Room. Especially considering the low price Etihad is charging for access. Nevertheless, next time I have a flight from JFK, I’ll give it a go and see if I can make some magic happen!

Will you try to visit Etihad’s Private Residence VIP Room next time you’re at JFK?


[Image: Etihad]

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