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Yet Another Fight Caught on Camera at Miami

Miami International Airport is making headlines for airlines expanding flights out of the South Florida hub, and for the assaults caught on camera. In another video reportedly taken at the airport, two flyers are caught fighting at an American Airlines ticket counter – but no arrests were made.

Miami International Airport (MIA) can be described as a rapidly expanding air hub to the world, and as an unlikely center for fights. The Miami Herald reports a second assault was caught on tape and is now being circulated online as a viral video.

Second Fight Shows Two Combatants at Ticket Counter, but No Arrests Made

Video of the fight was shared online by filmmaker Billy Corben on Twitter. In the 34-second clip, two males are seen fighting in front of an American Airlines ticket counter, exchanging explicative words the entire time. The fight ultimately goes unto a luggage scale, before the two break it up. Although one person behind the desk is seen fleeing the area, it’s unclear if they were an American employee or an airport contractor.

The Miami-Dade Police Department told the newspaper that they responded to a report of a “public affray” at the upper terminal on June 1, 2021. When they arrived, they described both people as “uncooperative.” Both persons told police that “no altercation had occurred,” and refused treatment from on-site medical personnel. No arrests were made, and both people left the airport on their own volition.

The viral video marks the second time a fight has been recorded at the airport in less than three months. In April 2021, multiple flyers filmed a brawl breaking out at an American Airlines gate in MIA after a standby group was told they could not all be accommodated on a flight. This resulted in the arrest of Jameel Decquir, identified as one of the assailants that launched an attack on another group of flyers.

Fights Break Out as Flight Count Continues to Expand

Even thought the incidents are difficult to watch, it’s not giving airlines pause from expanding their flight options from the major airport. CNBC reports Spirit Airlines recently announced they would add 30 flights from MIA starting in October 2021 to destinations including New York, Cleveland, Denver and the Caribbean.

Fonsini September 6, 2021

Miami police just announced emergency policing of South Beach due to the unprecedented surge in violence. A guy who was high on mushrooms recently walked into a restaurant and pointed a gun at a toddler, his 21 year old father who was there on vacation from Colorado jumped up to defend him and the drugged up animal shot him dead. Didn’t make the national news - no prizes for guessing why….

mvoight June 19, 2021

Holiosan - Flights were cut due to COVID. The number of flights have been increasing The goal of the airlines is to sell all of the seats on the plane. That is why they chose planes of specfic seat numbers. If you are going standby, and there are not enough available seats, if there are not enough seats there is ZERO cause to start a fight. Employees are not getting paid less now than before COVID, many are being paid MORE. Chaotic schedule changes? They happens weeks and months in advance due to the ever changing market. I am not clear why this should cause violence at the airport. I also fail to see why this would cause a fight between passengers at a ticket counter. No matter what your race, if you can't be in public without fighting, you should not go out in public.

Hawkeyefan June 19, 2021

Masks still getting on flyers nerves....


Stay classy Miami International

seigex June 17, 2021

@holiosan how does your head feel so far down in the sand?