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Yep, Someone Left a Bag of Pee on a Plane

Yep, Someone Left a Bag of Pee on a Plane
Jennifer Billock

Sometimes, airplane passengers deserve to be shamed online—particularly when they leave behind disgusting things like a bag of urine hanging from the seatback pocket; the Instagram account @passengershaming aims to call out all the horrible behaviors of people on planes who make other passengers irate.

What’s the worst behavior you’ve ever seen on a flight? For some people, it’s another passenger kicking their seat, or flopping their hair over the in-seat entertainment system. And then there’s the more severe stuff, like shouting or fighting, or what Instagram account @passengershaming recently came across. Someone literally left a bag of urine hanging from a seatback pocket when they got off the plane. They left a slipper behind, too, which makes it even more interesting. Passengershaming shared the photo with the caption “Just your typical leftover bag o’pee and random slipper on a Wednesday.”

Commenters were generally horrified, with one claiming this is one of the reasons they hate people, but at least one looked at it from a logistics point of view, noting, “Sometimes you’re not allowed to use the toilet if there’s heavy turbulence.”

This isn’t the first time urine has made an appearance on flights. A passenger once left a bottle full of pee on the plane, another woman was forced to wet herself on an Air Canada flight, and yet another ended up peeing on the floor of a plane because the bathroom was occupied.

Passengershaming posts often go viral; the account has posted other such gems as someone clipping their toenails inflight, someone laying on the floor underneath several seats, and someone storing a leaky bag of shrimp in the overhead bin.


[Image: @passengershaming/Instagram]

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  1. alangore


    November 1, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    I wonder if this might be a shaming of a shaming? Perhaps it was one of those flights where the seat belt sign gets left on the entire time. Eventually, someone who Really Had To Go decides that a handy bag is his only path of relief, and leaves the dangling bag to shame the airline.

  2. AsiaTravel2019

    November 4, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    The real question is how does this bag count toward the baggage allowance? Is this a “personal item” or a carry-on?

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