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Would You Take Miles in Place of a Travel Voucher?

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On the heels of the DOT’s public censure demanding that airlines provide cash refunds to passengers with canceled flights, we’ve heard several reports that airlines are still reluctant to hand over cash money. Now, one airline is trying another tactic: offering miles (with longer expiration dates) instead of flight vouchers. Should other airlines follow suit? What kind of offers would you like to see?

Frontier Airlines’ Offer

Frontier Airlines has taken a unique approach to avoiding cash payouts: offering more miles instead. If you’ve gotten a voucher for your canceled flight from Frontier, you may have received this offer too:

Frontier would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging and unprecedented time. You recently cancelled your flight with us and we know that you may still have concerns about when you will want to fly again.

To make things easier for you and to show our appreciation for your patience, we would like to offer you the opportunity to exchange your travel credit for Frontier Miles. This offer is only valid for you through the link in this email. These miles would be available to use for at least six months and beyond if you make any purchases with Frontier. Your travel credit is $XXX.XX as of 4/6/2020 and will expire on 6/16/2020.

If you elect to take the offer, you will receive 50,000 Frontier Miles deposited into your account. These miles won’t expire before September 2020.

One-way award flights start as low as 10,000 miles.
Plus, these new miles will extend the expiration of your current miles.

This offer is equal to up to 5 one-way award flights.

Would you Take the Offer?

While these Frontier Miles offers are individualized, Frontier fliers are reporting offers that seem to hover around 50K miles for vouchers worth under $300 and 70K miles for offers over $300.


Have you gotten this offer? Will you take it?

[Image Source: Linnaea Mallette, Public Domain Pictures]
Karan97 April 13, 2020

I'd take the miles if United offered it. 70K for a $300 voucher isn't bad at all. A ticket from DC to Europe and back is 60K miles or easily $500+. Also the life of the miles can be extended easily. Also as a frequent United flier, I'll get plenty of chances to use the miles. And if the airline goes under then neither the voucher nor the miles are worth anything.

cbourl April 11, 2020

Miles on the proviso they are of unlimited expiry and of a sunstantial value - otherwise give us our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This reeks of games that Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa Group/Swiss play -Ive personally managed to get everything back from United for al LX/SQ award ticket instantly, miles and monet back fro mAmerican Airlines for a QF-QR-RJ trip to TLV, Hilto nTelv Aviv refunded my entire stay Thx Hilton EY refunded my miles and points for stil lflying VA award flight - so the "BIG" airlines that gamble like SQ/LH(LX/LX/et al) want our money to keep themselves afloat! QF are notorious for never allowing a refund as they always have and giving you a crappy voucher - this wil see a major rethink for many fflyers and who they choose to do biz with and I mean those that use their own money to pay for their leisure/business travel -as for the corporate flyers we see who behave like trailer trash royalty on worldwide routes - eg into/outa SFO -ZRH/SYD/TLV/PVG et al .. Just my 10 cents worth ........................................................

MimiB22 April 10, 2020

Miles and vouchers may turn out to be completely worthless. Vouchers were particularly iffy in the best of times, but now? And miles... airlines are likely to constrict flight schedules, dropping routes and trying to become profitable, which would leave "free" trips nearly impossible to book. Insist on cash.

SoydeSD April 10, 2020

I paid for a flight to Mexico next month with rewards points earned on my Chase Sapphire card. I'm still wondering if those point will be credited back to my account if my flight s cancelled.

rftu April 10, 2020

Turkish Airlines offer of air Miles seems quite good. I have used them to book business class Izmir to Dublin. For my cancelled internal domestic flight ( I wanted to visit Urfa in May ) I can get enough top up bonus miles to do an international business class flight ( one way ) plus tax. Good value for me.