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Woman Voices Disgust Over Behavior of Fellow Passenger

A Virgin Australia passenger has taken to social media to express disgust at the behavior of a fellow passenger on a flight from Fiji to Sydney. The woman, who was traveling business class, described the man’s attitude as “aggressive” and said that he put his foot on her arm rest during the flight.

Virgin Australia passenger has taken to social media to voice her disgust at the behavior of a fellow traveler on a recent flight from Fiji to Sydney, the Daily Mail reports. The unnamed woman, who was traveling in business class with her husband, described the man’s actions as “gross.”

According to her account, she first became irritated by the man when he placed his feet on her arm rest. She was quoted by the outlet as saying, “Hobbit foot up on the back of my rest (even well-manicured feet gross me out so this was really testing me).” The woman also offered a picture of the offending appendage alongside her account of the incident, excerpts of which were quoted by the outlet.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the passenger says that the man then “reaches through to MY space and closes my window shade. It wasn’t one of those shades that is a bit ambiguous and crosses into the next row, it was 100 per cent mine.”

After a few minutes, the woman says that she pulled the shade up and that the man questioned her in a forceful manner before putting the shade back down again. She also explained that she was hesitant to say anything to the man about his behavior because he seemed “aggressive and on edge.”

“I don’t like conflict (especially mid-air) and could tell he was extremely forceful and arrogant already – and this was without being questioned,” she said.

However, it seems that others on the flight were also affected by the passenger’s behavior. The woman describes that the man also became upset with members of the flight’s cabin crew after they asked him stow his laptop and open his window shade in preparation for landing in Sydney.

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mvoight October 24, 2018

Don't get into a confrontation with the passenger, inform a flight attendant about the behavior