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One Passenger Dead After SW Mid-Flight Malfunction

The window of an aircraft operated by Southwest Airlines was broken by detached engine parts shortly after the flight took off on Tuesday, resulting in one passenger being partially sucked out the window before being pulled back to safety by her fellow flyers.

“The captain was able to recover the plane quite fast, however, we were definitely nervous because the vibrating was probably occurring a good five to eight minutes. And then the captain basically 10 to 15 minutes after provided an announcement stating that we had a small engine explosion,” said a passenger aboard the flight.

This story is developing.

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dkracing April 18, 2018

Seems like SWA has had some serious issues over the years with aircraft depressurization. Wasn't it a few years ago that part of an aircraft fuselage ripped off resulting in an emergency landing and injuries? It was then reported in the news that SWA like so many other airlines "self police" their maintenance and fleet and simply report back to the FAA. At what point is the FAA going to dive into SWA and their maintenance practices and perhaps change what clearly isn't working there?