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Woman Denied AA Boarding Due to Oxygen Tank

Earlier this month, passenger Betty Lewis was denied entry on an American Airlines flight to Georgia due to an oxygen tank that she needs in order to breathe, allegedly due to FAA requirements for oxygen tank sizes. The tank was allegedly allowed aboard the United flight that brought her to St. Louis to visit her aunt, but not on the return flight.

Lewis was allegedly given an overnight hotel stay and told that for $400, she could buy an airplane-approved oxygen tank – a sum that Lewis says she cannot afford.

To read more on this story, go to Dallas News.

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dealguy007 September 7, 2017

The woman should probably buy United ticket with AA's $400 and fly back. Flying United is becoming risky day by day..

jdsuth56 August 31, 2017

My wife also requires oxygen. It's clearly stated in ALL the airlines websites that oxygen tanks are not allowed. You must have a portable oxygen concentrator, and advise the airlines prior to flying that you require a POC. If this woman was allowed to fly with an O2 bottle, someone broke a lot of rules!!

AFAM-DFW August 31, 2017

Don't understand calling AA out when the FAA does not allow personal oxygen tanks but allows a personal oxygen concentrator.

DutchessPDX August 30, 2017

Obvious bias here? Previous title was "Woman denied boarding by United due to Oxygen tank" and it was tagged UNITED. NOW, after I pointed out that it was AA who denied her boarding the title is "Woman denied boarding due to oxygen tank" and there's still a UNITED tag but there's no American Airlines tag.