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Woman Blasts BA For “Outdated, Sexist” Flight Details

London Heathrow, United Kingdom - August 28, 2015: A British Airways Boeing 787 with the registration G-ZBJE taking off from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the United Kingdom. British Airways is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom based at London Heathrow airport.

Ruth Blakeley, a professor of International Relations, tweeted at British Airways after being unable to change the registered address on her joint “household” account due to her husband being designated as “head of the household.”

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chavala May 12, 2017

And now all these people reading the headline will scream " I am never flying BA again!!!"

kulflyer May 9, 2017

Really? Guess she couldn't be bothered to read and understand the site setup. Her husband set up the household account, they the head of household role. If she set it up, she would be the head of household. Snowflakes much these days?


Not the brightest button even if she is a prof! Either she or her husband made the head of household decision, not BA. Perhaps she should tell her husband he is sexist rather than making a stupid ill informed tweet that makes her look a fool

Sydneyberlin May 9, 2017

Heah? If I'm not totally wrong, the user has to define first who head of household will be. I'm gay and my partner had originally set up our family account but made me 'Head of household', simply because I am by far the bigger airline nerd of us two.

jay_dubya May 8, 2017

Idiotic complaint. Either one could have been designated as head of household