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Woah. A Virgin Atlantic Passenger’s Seat Catches Fire

For the second time on Thursday, a plane had to make an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport; this flight was a Virgin Atlantic plane that had to land due to a fire in the cabin—the flight was supposed to be going from New York City to London but all passengers were later rebooked.

On Thursday, a Virgin Atlantic flight heading from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to Heathrow Airport in London had to make an unplanned emergency stop at Boston’s Logan International Airport. The stop was thanks to a fire in the cabin; a passenger’s seat caught on fire due to a suspected cellphone battery stuck between the seats.

Cabin crew put out the fire quickly and called the fire department to check on the plane once it landed.

“The firefighters were loaded on before we could get off,” passenger Cory Tanner told CBS Boston. “People were definitely nervous just cause we didn’t know what it was.”

Another passenger, Jerry Knopf, told CBS Boston that the incident was not handled properly: “Things are so bad that four state troopers have shown up…[The airline] has handled it poorly, they just have no emergency plan. Nothing.”

None of the 217 passengers were injured, but all were offloaded in Boston and rebooked on later flights.


[Images: Twitter/ @machbio]

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tmac100 July 8, 2019

And passenger Jerry K stated his opinion, BUT it seems he does not know anything about emergencies - especislly ert fires on aitplanes. My don is a First Responder and said that in his area of work police are always at fires - judt like ambulances - and opinion givers. I suppose Jerry K woild like fewer helping personnel than more at any emergency.

edgewood49 July 6, 2019

Ground that airplane