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Why You Should Always Check Your Hotel Coffee Maker Before Using It

I’m just going to say it: I’ve never ever checked the inside of my hotel coffee maker. If there’s ever an occasion when I’m unfortunate enough to need to drink the coffee in my room (I’m too hungover to get dressed and go to the lounge, it’s raining outside and the closest Starbucks is too far) I just unwrap my plastic-paper hybrid cup, put it on the tray and press “brew.”

But I can also say that I’m never going to do that again. I am both grateful that I found this coffee post on the internet and deeply unhappy about it. But once you’ve seen something like this, you can’t really unsee it. And now you have seen it too:

That’s at least three different kinds of fungus? If I’m wrong, please don’t explain further in the comments. And, if you want to be really grossed out, you should check out the comments on the Reddit thread where I found this hotel horror.

What do you always check when you get into your hotel room? I don’t really want to know, but I also need to know:


[Image Source: Reddit]

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msben September 13, 2019

For the immune suppressed among us, that could be life threatening! I take my own travel kettle and mugs. Not to mention the disinfectant wipes...…..

ontherun August 24, 2019

I stayed in a Residence Inn in Harrisburg PA a few years back that had the traditional Mr Coffee style coffee pot with carafe. I checked in on a Sunday and Monday morning as I went to make my in-room coffee I noticed that the carafe was half filled with coffee. I assumed that it was just missed by housekeeping from the last users stay but as I looked in the carafe I noticed grey floating islands of mold throughout the top of the coffee.

IsleSeat August 24, 2019

I bring my own electric coffee machine, a small Bialetti along with my favorite grind. Beats everything.

seattlebruce August 24, 2019

Don't most coffee machines brew at 195 to 205 degrees F? That would kill most germs. Not that you want mold in your coffee, but no need to freak out about sterilizing everything.

nadabrainiac August 23, 2019

" I just unwrap my plastic-paper hybrid cup, put it on the tray and press “brew.”" Without putting coffee in the machine? Without putting water in the reservoir? All you end up with is an empty cup sitting on a coffee machine.