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Major Carriers Turn Bland Safety Videos Into Elaborate Productions

Once dull and boring, in-flight safety videos have become major and impressive productions for a number of airlines. Formerly shown to communicate instructions to passengers, videos are now used as clever vehicles for carriers and airlines to impart their brand messaging to travelers in the cabin.

As Intelligencer observes, for many major carriers, the in-flight safety video has evolved from being a bland and obligatory part of the cabin experience to an engaging and entertaining marketing tool.

From partnerships with big Hollywood film studios and 80s fitness gurus to hula and even arthouse-style productions, carriers like United Airlines, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian and American all have a message or two to convey.

The outlet explains that the reasons for these elaborate performances are double-fold. “Passengers are more likely to recall safety instructions when they are presented in an engaging manner; and airlines have come to realize the videos offered a previously unexploited opportunity to present a brand message to a captive audience,” it states.

Explaining this methodology, Mark Krolick, a vice president for marketing with United, said, “As the millennials become more and more the primary traveling audience, as they mature in the workforce, ensuring that we’ve got content that is more and more relevant is important. And that goes way, way beyond safety videos. It goes to our visual branding, programs, and promotions.”

[Featured Image: YouTube/ United]

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formeraa August 9, 2019

HA's safety video is great, mixing a crew member with Hawaiian themes. An example, when they are talking about the location of the emergency exits, there is a hula dancer standing next to a crew member. The hula dancer is "gesturing towards the exits". When they get to the part where "the nearest exits may be behind you", the hula dancer twirls around. .In any case, it was a great way to start a Hawaiian vacation!

stanian August 9, 2019

The BA dreamliner safety video is like a comedy. I don't think it is right. A safety video shouldn't be treated as a joke.

strickerj August 8, 2019

Why do all these marketing types keep citing “millennials” their reasoning? I’m a millennial, and I find it a bit insulting that they think I can’t pay attention to a safety demo unless it’s made into a joke.