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BA Forgets English Surfing Team’s Boards at LHR


British Airways let a surfing team down recently after the airline forgot to load their boards onto a flight before a major competition.

The six members of the English Surfing Team were disappointed to learn that when they landed in Morocco earlier this month for the Euro Surf competition, their gear was still at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). Jessica Tuckman, the team’s manager, said the carrier finally got them their kits the night before the event.

“I believe BA has cost us dearly,” Tuckman said. “The entire team missed out on two days of training on the wave they had to compete on.”

Out of 13 teams competing, the English group finished in 9th place – two notches behind their 7th place ranking last year. BA has yet to comment on the incident.

For more information on this story, visit Cornish Guardian.

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weero October 6, 2015

If they wanted their luggage why did they depart from LHR... ? While the airport got a lot better, there still is this risk. In the past I had lost luggage on 3 consecutive transfers ... not once in my last 18 months though. They temporarily lost their checked luggage. We all do. It's a non event.