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What’s Inside Air France’s New First-Class Amenity Kits

Would some free high-end hand cream persuade you to book a first-class flight with Air France (AF) for your next trip to Europe?

Air France is counting on frills to impress travelers heading to destinations throughout Europe. The airline just introduced new amenity kits for its first-class customers. The kits include care treatments for the face and body from a well-known French cosmetics brand called Carita. We now know what is inside the kits after a long period of anticipation. That means that you don’t have to fork over the money for a first-class ticket just to be privy to this information.

Here’s a list of what’s waiting inside Air France’s 2019 amenity kits:

  • A moisturizing and regenerating cream.
  • An eye-care product.
  • A cream for the eyes and lips.
  • A youthful hand serum.
  • A comb.
  • A night mask.
  • Earplugs.
  • Earphone covers.
  • A pen with Air France’s famous winged seahorse emblem.

Passengers flying in a La Première cabin with Air France will get to choose from two color options when selecting their kits: iced mocha and French grey. The kits are finished with imitation leather and magnetic fasteners. Don’t get too used to what the new kits offer. Air France has already announced that it will be renewing the kits every six months and potentially swapping out products. The current kits are available until July of this year. However, they are only being given out to passengers on Air France’s long-haul flights. Business-class passengers flying with Air France on long-haul flights are also getting their own amenity kits. However, those kits are housed in zippered pouches that come in a variety of color combinations.

Why is Air France making such a big deal about its new amenity kits?

The kits are part of a big anniversary celebration for the airline. Air France is celebrating 85 years of being in business this year. Travelers are being invited to celebrate by taking advantage of special deals to France from destinations throughout Europe. Deals are being introduced on a staggered basis throughout July, August, September and October while the airline leads up to its official anniversary date on Oct. 7. However, you’ll have to stay tuned to see which destinations are on the table and how much tickets will actually cost.

 [Image Source: Air France]

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