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WestJet’s April Fool’s Funny Takes Gentle Dig at Rival

The carrier’s “rebrand” was a good gag, but it has reassured passengers that its upcoming seat sale is definitely for real.

WestJet is taking April Fool’s seriously this year. In a lighthearted announcement on its website, the company revealed that, effective April 1st, it would be rebranding as Canada Air, “the most Canadian Canadian airline.”

Speaking of the ersatz rebrand, the airline said, “The people who make up our brand and airline represent many of the Canadian values we are known for globally. Kindness, a great sense of fun, warmth, a desire to do the right thing and an incredible sense of caring are what make Canadians Canadian and we believe it’s time for our name to reflect this reality.”

The carrier, which has been in business for two decades, added, “We are sorry we didn’t do it sooner.” WestJet began as a low-cost airline back in 1996 serving just five destinations.

A video starring Richard Bartrem, WestJet’s vice president, communications and community relations, was released by the carrier alongside the announcement. In it, Bartrem is shown undertaking a number of stereotypical Canadian activities, including ice skating, snowshoeing and eating poutine while summarizing WestJet’s surprise rebrand and taking gentle digs at rival Air Canada.

“We believe no other airline represents those values of being Canadian like WestJet. That’s why we’re proud to say we are the most Canadian Canadian airline,” he says in the clip before revealing a plane with the livery of the new carrier.

Judging by the comments on social media, the gag appeared to have fooled some of the carrier’s fans. “LOL, this can’t be serious. April Fool’s comes early,” wrote one on the video’s YouTube page. “You got me!!,” said another.

But while the rebrand is just a joke, WestJet was eager to reassure passengers that its upcoming sale, which it has been dubbed “the most Canadian sale in Canada” is definitely for real.

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