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WestJet to Rehire 6400 Workers Thanks to Canada’s Wage Subsidy Program

While the United States’ bailout continues to have hiccups, WestJet Airlines has announced that it will re-hire 6,400 employees that they previously laid off, thanks to the federal government’s wage subsidy program.

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

The Calgary-based airline’s funds will come from the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program. Through that program, they will be able to supplement 75 percent of the wages of the 6,400 WestJet airline employees that they previously laid off.

Re-Hired But Not Necessarily Working

This move by the Canadian government and the Canadian airline WestJet is primarily a way to support crew members. It does not mean that the re-hired employees will be flying or going back to work soon.
“This does not automatically mean that they will be coming back to work, as there may not be work there for them,” WestJet’s chief executive Ed Sims said in a statement released Wednesday. “But it does help make ends meet and I am grateful for the hard work by the Government of Canada and of all governments across Canada to provide businesses with the tools to continue operating in these challenging times.”

WestJet Is Not Alone

WestJet isn’t the only Canadian airline that plans to re-hire and retain thousands of employees. Air Canada will also use the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy to re-hire many employees.
ballycanoe April 11, 2020

Canadian airlines essentially getting a bail out, but they refuse to refund passengers for flights the airlines have cancelled.