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Were Snack Wrappers Flushed From a Plane’s Toilet?


After finding British Airways in-flight snack wrappers scattered on the ground, one man suspects they came from an airplane’s restroom.

At some point, most people have seen someone throw a wrapper out of a moving vehicle. Frank Lomax believes that such littering has been taken to new heights — literally. After finding numerous wrappers from British Airways in-flight condiments scattered throughout the countryside of Buckinghamshire, England, Lomax theorized that they must have fallen from the sky, according to the Buckinghamshire Advertiser.

While walking his dog in the woodlands, Lomax, a resident of Beaconsfield, discovered British Airways wrappers from peanuts strewn on the ground. “There were so many of them that I thought an employee must also be dog walking and eating some freebies along the way,” he told the Advertiser.

In addition to peanut wrappers, Lomax also found discarded cheese and cracker packages. “The scattered nature and deterioration of many of the bags began to suggest that they may have been ejected from an aircraft flying overhead,” Lomax further speculated.

“I wondered if they were flushed down the loo,” he added, after realizing that he had been strolling beneath flight paths.

An airline spokesperson conceded in the Telegraph that he had no clue how the wrappers — which he said appeared about 20 years old — found their way to land. Could they have actually rained down from a plane’s toilet?

Probably not. In his book Cockpit Confidential, pilot Patrick Smith debunks Lomax’s hypothesis. He writes: “There is no way to jettison the contents of the lavatories during flight. At the end of a flight, the blue fluid, along with your contributions to it, are vacuumed into a tank on the back of a truck … The driver then wheels around to the back of the airport and furtively offloads the waste in a ditch behind a parking lot. In truth I don’t know what he does with it. Time to start a new urban legend.”

However, Smith adds that it is possible for what goes into a toilet to come out of it mid-flight — because it’s happened. “A man in California once won a lawsuit after pieces of ‘blue ice’ fell from a plane and came crashing through the skylight of his sailboat,” Smith writes. “A leak, extending from a toilet’s exterior nozzle fitting, caused runoff to freeze, build, and then drop like a neon ice bomb. If you think that’s bad, a 727 once suffered an engine separation after ingesting a frozen chunk of its own leaked toilet waste, inspiring the line ‘when the shit hits the turbofan.’”

In the meantime, the case of the countryside wrappers remains a mystery. Or has it been solved?

[Photo: Buckinghamshire Advertiser]

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tmac100 August 21, 2014

OMG, what a slow-news story this one is. Is there ANY evidence that these wrappers were in a toilet on an aircraft? Any forensic information - like fluid residue or fecal matter? Sheesh, what a non-story. I cannot believe I am even bothering to reply to this nonsense.