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WeChat Allows Users to Link Overseas Credit Cards

For expats, paying remotely with a credit card used to be an issue. But a new report, via ZDnet, says that expats living in certain regions will now be allowed to create WeChat Pay accounts, even if their credit card was not issued by a local bank.

In mainland China, it is common to use mobile payments on everything from car to soda purchases. However, many have been locked out of this convenience because they don’t have an account associated with a local bank.

Now credit cards issued by MasterCard, Visa, and JCB can activate WeChat for mobile payments. Users will have to download the main WeChat version to initiate the services. Once the account is activated, expats will enjoy the same conveniences as local WeChat users to pay for everything from bike sharing services to takeout food.

Mobile payments are popular in China, where a 2017 Tencent report stated that up to two-thirds of foreign residents use WeChat for payments.

Overall, mobile payments in China are continuing to rise, as has been shown by statements from last year.

WeChat users across the globe are also growing, with numbers reaching nearly 1 billion. And it is already the most popular messaging tool in China.

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bearbrick February 3, 2018

If this option with WeChat is not available on MC or Visa , I'ld cancel MC /Visa ! ....

Albertpage February 1, 2018

wow i think this will be a great feature, and this will help a lot.

DragonSoul February 1, 2018

The Chinese government is VERY keen to grab a large chunk of the global credit card business for itself. It's ensuring WeChat (and UnionPay) is pushed out across the world, while banning or curtailing Visa and MC in China. It's quite open about this. Look to seeing your cc transactions passing through China at some point, and you'll do it because "convenience".