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Watch: Plane Hit By Lightning During Takeoff

A passenger on a flight from Manchester to Houston caught the shocking moment that a bolt of lightning struck his plane as it took off. Check out the lightning bolt and loud bang that struck the Singapore Airways Airbus A350-900 in the video below:

While this couldn’t have been fun to witness, everyone in the cabin remained calm, the plane was fine and everyone made it to their destination.

The passenger, Adrian Beckett, “Ironically my eldest son, who is in his 3rd year at Southampton University studying Aerospace Engineering, had just been telling me the day before that they had been studying the A350 wing in a lecture including how it handles lightning.

“The strike seemed to hit the fan blade then radiate over the cowling.”


For more on this story, head to the Manchester Evening News.

[Image: YouTube]

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drvannostren February 16, 2018

The flex on the wing is amazing too, to me that's almost more impressive than the lightning strike.