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Want to Be a Flight Attendant for the Summer?

Air New Zealand is putting a call out for temporary members to join cabin crew. Describing this role as “the ultimate summer job”, staff will be employed on short-term contracts that offer “the challenge of working in a dynamic industry.” Candidates have until July 28th to complete their applications.

New Zealand’s flag carrier is looking for contenders for what it believes is “the ultimate summer job”. “Air New Zealand is putting out the call for temporary flight attendants to fly on its international wide-body fleet over the summer period,” it explains in a statement.

The airline adds that successful candidates will be employed on a temporary basis for four to six months after taking part in what it describes to be an “intensive” training course in the Air New Zealand Academy of Learning in Auckland. Recruits will hit the skies in October.

Speaking out about this recruitment drive, Air New Zealand General Manager Cabin Crew Leeanne Langridge, said, “Our flight attendants have set the benchmark high. They love putting on the uniform every day and enjoy the challenge of working in a dynamic industry. While being a flight attendant can be incredibly fun, it’s a demanding role that will push you to perform at your best.”

You need to be able to cope well under pressure and enjoy the fact that no two days are the same. Many people tell me that they’ve thought about being a flight attendant at some stage in their lives, so this is a great chance for those people to give it a go,” she added.

Further application and salary details can be found here.

[Featured Image: Air New Zealand]

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CEB July 27, 2019

Some can always find a negative in anything a company, particularly an airline does. Seems to me this is a great publicity, recruiting and public relationships approach!

FlyingNone July 25, 2019

Why would anyone go through all that training to work in a temporary job and then have to give up the travel perks.? My guess is that Air NZ will summarily get rid of people at the end of the short term basis and save tons of money avoiding long-term benefits, job security......hire permanently at their discretion or just move people along and start with a new group of temporary employees.

Sydneyberlin July 24, 2019

Of course they are. It's New Zealand! Eyes roll...

FliesWay2Much July 24, 2019

Guess they are talking about austral summer (southern hemisphere summer).