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The Internet Roasts Richard Branson for Asking Virgin Atlantic Employees to Take Unpaid Leave

Image Source: Virgin Airlines

Billionaire Richard Branson’s airline grounds 75% of flights.

The coronavirus is affecting business all over the world, with airlines and the travel industry getting hit the hardest. As a result of canceled travel plans and border closures, Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic was forced to reduce their fleet by 75%.

After announcing this reduction, Branson alerted his team that there would have to be additional cuts, now requiring thousands of employees to take an eight-week long unpaid leave. This puts those employees out of work for nearly two months, without access to unemployment.

Why This Is Ruffling Feathers

The billionaire is receiving harsh criticism for his handling of the situation. The employees are now not only without work for 8+ weeks but have no way to collect unemployment. Asking the employees to take an unpaid leave does not read as termination.

In addition to cutting hours, Branson also reduced sick pay from six months to 12-weeks.

Branson’s Own Wealth

Many see that Richard Branson the personal wealth to pay these employees, with a net worth of 4.1 billion.

In This Reddit post, one user points out what they see as the irony of it all.

Image Source: u/29adamski/Reddit

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GrayAnderson March 29, 2020

The article ignores three key facts: (1) A lot of Branson's wealth is highly illiquid under the best of circumstances (e.g. his stake in Virgin Atlantic)...and we are NOT under said best circumstances. (2) Branson injected GBP250 million into his group, with a lot of that going to Virgin Atlantic. (3) Virgin wasn't immensely profitable, had just seen an investment in Flybe go to zero, and had the better part of GNP3bn/yr in revenue to cover. My guess is that while Branson might be able to put a little more into Virgin Atlantic, his ability to support the company through a lengthy downturn and protracted recovery would be limited.

pulokk1 March 25, 2020

jonsail: it is you who are being misleading. The post does not day Branson owns 100% of the airline. It says his net worth is 4.1 billion. Irpworks: yes, a business can survive paying people not to work. Depending on the net assets of the business or, in this case, one of its owners.

Irpworks March 25, 2020

A business cannot survive paying people not to work. Pay is compensation for specific productivity not for perceived social goods. If you go out of business, no one gets paid at all for anything.

Tack March 24, 2020

At the end of the day, Branson is just a capitalist. I’ve got no problem with that, except that he loves to paint himself as this “woke” business man. Fact is, every airline he’s ever started is broke, merged or run by those other airlines that know what they're doing. He’s always been a fraud.

glob99 March 23, 2020

Billionaires asking for sacrifice from folks that make less money in one year than he makes in one day. Sounds fair.