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Virgin Atlantic Encourages Theft

In a nod to Virgin Atlantic passengers’ propensity for stealing their tiny holiday-themed salt- and pepper-shakers, the airline has begun encouraging passengers to “pinch” the festive items from their flights. The shakers, dubbed Wilbur and Orville, are available for theft in first class seating only.

“The airline is encouraging customers to pinch them and take them home to sit pride of place on the Christmas dinner table or gifted to that aviation enthusiast relative,” said a press release from Virgin Atlantic.

To read more on this story, go to LA Times.

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jahason December 15, 2017

Hotels encourage guests to take home miniature toiletries sothey continue to work as marketing tools.

J S December 14, 2017

News story says air sick bags are among the most stolen items. Virgin wants to get their used air sickness bags back? Really? :)

Yoshi212 December 14, 2017

But VS doesn't have a First Class section.