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Virgin America’s New Uniform a Portent of Absorption Into Alaska

Last Thursday, the merger between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America further developed with the introduction debuted a new outfit for company employees.

Speaking of the outfits, designer Luly Yang said, “What you see on the runway is actually a combination of the two cultures, Alaska and Virgin, coming together … We combine them to make something new and fresh and better than it was before.”

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[Photo: Alaska Airlines]

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WillTravel4Food February 12, 2018

In the mean time, I've been on flights where the FAs were actively recruiting pax to send messages to corporate saying the new uniforms are terrible. So go figure...

Snuggs February 8, 2018

Really, what's to read about? Sorry to break the shocker: Virgin is dead. It got sold. And contrary to previous reports, I really doubt that that Sir Branson wants to kick and punch somebody over the millions that he made. And if he does? Who cares?