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Video: Woman Dragged From Southwest Flight Over Service Animal

Video footage appears to show a passenger being forcibly dragged off of a Southwest Airlines flight by two police officers after the passenger claimed to be severely allergic to dogs aboard the flight.

To read more on this story, go to CBS Los Angeles.

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Chris516 October 27, 2017

This vitriolic atmosphere against service dogs being allowed on a plane is stupid. While there are those individuals with dog allergies. There are service dogs trained to recognize when their owner is about to have a seizure. There are service dogs trained to recognize when their owner is about to have a panic attack. But does that ultimately mean that: 1. Anyone with a dog allergy, should be banned from flying, or 2. Anyone(people w/ mental issues, seizures, diabetes, etc.) that uses a service dog should be banned from flying. That would be utterly stupid.

kasmersensei September 30, 2017

Dr. Dao is hardly a con artist. There was some confusion about his identity with another doctor from Kentucky who was an arrested felon. There was an issue where Dr. Dao originally agreed to fly later when he was told it would be the same day. When they insisted later that, no, it would be a next day flight, he refused to give up his seat. Whether you are filmed or not, hardly excuses being dragged off.

Bleen68 September 30, 2017

Gee, couldn't we have asked if anyone in front would mind swapping with this person so she could be away from the dog?

katmarie21 September 30, 2017

My allergies to dogs has gotten really bad over the last few years. When a service dog is on a flight, I take my allergy medication and, unfortunately, I just have to deal the next day or so with lingering symptoms. It is an inconvenience for sure, but it is not deadly. Service dogs are totally different than if anyone was just being allowed to bring a dog on a plane for no reason...I would not be ok with that. I would hope that if I ever was sitting right next to someone holding a dog, I could request to be seated somewhere further away but if that request is denied, oh well....I would just have to deal with it. If my allergies were so bad that they were life threatening, I would be calling the airline and finding out my options BEFORE I book a ticket. I seriously do NOT understand any of these people having to be dragged off! If the flight attendant asks you to leave, just leave and file a complaint after if you feel that it is necessary. What the heck are wrong with these people?!?

Sassenach September 29, 2017

If she has "deathly allergies"; 1. Why didn't she check to make sure it was an animal-free flight? 2. If her allergies are so severe how did she function during the time she was aboard? As reported, no medical certificate or an Epi-Pen? (Something people with 'deathly allergies' never travel without.) 3. If the reports asserting this was an Islamic-related issue are correct, she can get stuffed. Her religious beliefs don't trump the right of other paying fliers.