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Video: Sex, Drugs & Baggage Carousels — Grunge Singer Redefines Rock Star Lifestyle With Joyride in Denver

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin’s music career quickly faded to obscurity, but his antics in a Denver airport won’t soon be forgotten.

The outlaw rock star lifestyle used to include trashed hotel rooms, legions of groupies and partying until dawn. With newly emerged video of singer Wes Scantlin’s behavior at Denver International Airport (DEN), riding the oversized baggage belt to secure areas of an airport can safely be added to the list of expectations surrounding a rock star lifestyle.

According to a report from USA Today, the lead singer of the post-grunge group Puddle of Mudd succumbed to peer pressure and lived out every 10-year-old’s fantasy by surfing the oversized baggage belt last month at DEN, riding it all the way into a restricted area of the airport.

Security footage of the incident finally hit the web this week, and both fans of Puddle of Mudd and frustrated travelers around the world are cheering Scantlin’s best performance since the single “Blurry” was released in 2001.

Authorities at DEN, however, were not quite as impressed, arresting Scantlin on the charge of criminal trespass. According to reports, it was Scantlin’s stubborn refusal to climb off the baggage belt, despite repeated warnings from police that he would be arrested if he did not, that resulted in the singer’s arrest.

“It is a secured area of the airport and a regular passenger is absolutely not allowed to be back there,” said DEN spokesman Heath Montgomery, stating the obvious to Denver ABC affiliate WXYZ News. “You are required to have a background check and an airport ID badge in order to be back there.”

[Photo: Puddle of Mudd Facebook]

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KRSW March 4, 2015

Seriously... just HOW did this put the flying public at risk? Not theoretical theories where the sun, moon, and stars must align to cause harm, not potential problems, but actual problems? Let the guy do it, tell him to knock it off, and be done with it. I've never been to DEN, but that looks like it'd be rather fun.

J S March 3, 2015

I get why this probably get's you arrested (assuming he rode the belt back out of baggage claim and refused to get off when a police officer told him to do so). However, did it really take 2 police officers, PLUS a third officer on a scooter PLUS at least one additional officer in a car to escort a single handcuffed man? Must have been a slow day at the TSA checkpoint (i.e., no one trying to smuggle through a dangerous 4 oz bottle of shampoo).

Ashasan2005 March 2, 2015

What's with the crappy photoshop of the top photo?