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Watch This Flight Abort Landing at Last Minute

An Aer Lingus flight was recently filmed aborting a shaky landing in bad weather at Manchester Airport (MAN). YouTube user AviationUpclose uploaded the video Saturday and claims the pilot safely landed the ATR 72, which was en route from Dublin, about 10 minutes later.

[Video: YouTube, AviationUpclose]

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October 29, 2015

missed approach... yawn.

AAJetMan October 28, 2015

Man, it's obviously not the same with a turboprop, but who doesn't love that gutteral, explosive roar of jet engines on an aborted landing!

jonsg October 27, 2015

Fairly routine go-around, or perhaps a touch-and-go; it's hard to be sure. I'm guessing a change in headwind strength, or perhaps even headwind going negative in gusty conditions, meant a touchdown too far forward for safety. (Note that "safety", in this context, doesn't necessarily mean that it was actually unsafe to complete the landing. I'm using the word in a more technical sense, to mean that the plane would come to a dead halt too close to calculated minima for the runway and conditions - and those minima have a very healthy margin built in. In all likelihood, the plane could have stopped completely, well before the end of the official runway end, but, unless there are extreme circumstances like a fuel emergency, SOPs are to go around. Gives the pax a story to tell.)