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Video: EasyJet Flight Undergoes Shaky Landing Thanks to Strong Winds

After enduring Storm Abigail at Iverness Airport (INV) last week, an EasyJet flight was forced to land sideways due to powerful gale force winds, as evidenced by recently released video footage.

For more information on this story, visit Daily Mail.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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wonderbret November 18, 2015

Kudos to the men/women up front for another safe (and fairly standard) landing...

Admiral Ackbar November 18, 2015

It is called crabbing and is completely normal. If the winds are outside the limits, they just don't land.

FlyingUnderTheRadar November 17, 2015

The plane was NOT forced to land sideways. Hardly, I bet the plane was not more than 10-15 degrees from plum. Sideways would be 90 degrees.