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VIDEO: Boeing 787-9 Performs Near-Vertical Takeoff That Defies Physics & Blows Minds

Boeing 787-9 Performing Near-Vertical Takeoff (Photo: Boeing)

Boeing posts must-see-to-believe video of near-vertical Dreamliner takeoff in advance of Paris Air Show.

Boeing is dropping the gauntlet in advance of commercial aviation’s biggest showcase. In a video posted to the Boeing YouTube channel, the airline showed off some fancy moves by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which flyers will be able to see at this year’s Paris Air Show.

The video begins with preparing the Dreamliner, painted in Vietnam Airlines livery. After taxi, the aircraft then takes off in a near-vertical climb, followed by other maneuvers that show off the capabilities of the next-generation aircraft.

This mind-blowing video is part of a bigger push by Boeing in advance of the Paris Air Show. Earlier in the week, the manufacturer announced changes to add more seats to the Boeing 777 with hopes to secure more orders at the world’s oldest air show.

When asked by CNN, the aircraft manufacturer declined to divulge their secrets about how the air show display works, including the high-pitch takeoff. “We unfortunately aren’t sharing specifics about the profile such as bank angles at this time,” a spokesperson for Boeing told CNN. However, pilots and others in the aviation community are skeptical about the viral video.

“It would have been able to perform a steeper than normal ascent — but not to the extent the video seems to show,” Patrick Smith, a certified Boeing 767 pilot, told CNN. “But for demonstration purposes, under lightweight conditions, it’s perfectly natural for this airplane to do that. It’s nothing dangerous.”

The Paris Air Show will run from June 15 through June 21 and will feature over 2,000 exhibitors. Boeing-rival Airbus has only announced plans to demonstrate their military A400M, according to The Wall Street Journal.

[Photo: Boeing; Video: YouTube]

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lakers6902 June 16, 2015

@AirD0c hahahaha, still laughing at that


Near vertical my butt. Anyone want to bet on the actual angle of ascent? I'd give it 50 degrees at best.

freemanzhu June 13, 2015

I wonder if at least part of this video wasn't computer-generated. The shot of the plane rolling down the tarmac (just after the crew get on board) looks rather too smooth to be real. In both that shot and the following one (of the apparently near-vertical ascent) there's a heavy amount of vignetting (darkening in the four corners, a natural occurrence with camera lenses), much more so than in the rest of the video. That also makes me suspect those two shots were computer-generated (with artificially generated vignetting).

bbkenney June 13, 2015

UN-impressive for anyone who took the early am 757 flights out of SNA !!!!

AirD0c June 13, 2015

Steep climb angle using a special photography setup. This is what "vertical takeoff" really looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-XFGDejkYQ