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VIDEO: A340 Flies Very Close to Man’s Head

A man standing near a runway at Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) recently captured footage of an Iberia Airbus A340 that was forced to make an alternative approach to landing due to difficult winds. The flight, IB 6313, was arriving from Madrid when it made the low landing.

For more information on this story, visit The Telegraph.

[Video: Johnny Vega, YouTube]

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TMOliver October 10, 2015

If I'm that low that late, I hope the LSO calls "Bolter!"

drvannostren October 10, 2015

It makes a totally safe landing, but the balls on that guy to stand right underneath! I probably would've hit the deck. Cuz it really shouldn't come in that low and when you see it, you wonder what's gonna happen. The other angle that worried me a bit was if I had been driving on that road. In Vancouver planes fly low over the Arthur Laing Bridge and I find it distracting if I'm driving, but it's not THAT low, if someone had been driving a semi truck it looks like he might've gotten clipped OR swerved thinking he might get clipped. Awesome video.