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Victoria’s Secret Model Busted for Having Sex on A Plane

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale recently revealed that she and her boyfriend were busted shortly after they joined the mile high club. Gale says that a flight attendant “busted” them after they came out of the bathroom.

However, they didn’t get in major trouble and just “laughed” it off awkwardly.


To hear more details from this story, head to E News.

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Annalisa12 March 3, 2018

I'm sick of seeing this article when I open FT on my phone.

JackE February 19, 2018

When only a photo will do....

chavala February 18, 2018

The title makes it sound as if she was arrested. Total click bait. FT is getting worse than Facebook lately.

jtav559 February 18, 2018

Gripping story.

Calchas February 17, 2018

Attractive young people have sex More at eleven