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US Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing Over Bomb Threat

US Airways

US Airways Flight 777 made an emergency landing today at Philadelphia International Airport. The 757 aircraft departed Shannon Airport (SNN) at 11:34 a.m. local time. It was enroute to Philadephia when authorities received an anonymous tip about a suspicious device onboard.

The plane was met by FBI agents when it landed at 1:58 p.m EDT, and all passengers were safely evacuated.

There are currently no other details as authorities investigate the threat.

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cfwolfs August 8, 2013

stablemate77, your statement is not accurate. There's a scheduled plane change in PHL as the flight number continues on to Pittsburgh.

stablemate77 August 8, 2013

it was on its way to pittsburgh soo guess was not real spot landed

PHL August 8, 2013

Was it an emergency landing if the original destination was PHL? Was the threat called just before it approached PHL? Otherwise, it seems they would have landed somewhere else enroute.

stablemate77 August 7, 2013

not vary detailed reporting wheres shannon airport ? its in europe ireland...this was a transatlantic flight......there is a high risk for travel for americans....why not say truth not to make people not travel like govt is saying.... gosh guess everybodys bread and butter depends on travel here