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US Airways — 5 Times They Dropped the Ball & 1 Time They Got It Right in 2014


All major airlines are going to have their fair share of both good and bad press over the year, though it’s usually more of the latter. From unfortunate messages sent on Twitter to misadventures involving pigs on a plane, the major U.S. Legacy carriers have had a mixed bag in terms of their actions in 2014. Let’s take a look at US Airways and what they got up to this year.


5 Times They Messed Up


Clinton Portis Accuses US Airways of Racism

Any press involving supposed acts of racism by staff is not exactly the kinds of PR airlines are looking for. This specific incident is shrouded in much mystery. All we know is that former NFL star Clinton Portis sent a tweet stating that he and his son had experienced racism after landing at Fort Lauderdale airport. Details are thin on the ground, but still not a particularly high point in the airlines’ history.


US Airways Wont Refund My Change Fees

No one wants to fly with an airline that rips off its customers, and that’s what some are accusing of US Airways. It’s to do with this whole ‘Change Fees’ issue. A man who was hospitalized was unable to obtain a response from US Airways when trying to get a refund for the change fees he was forced to pay — in spite of providing evidence to back up his claim.

Naked Tweet of Woman with Toy

This wasn’t just the worst slice of PR for US Airways this year, yet still one of the major social media screwups by any company in 2014. Essentially what happened is that the company responded to a customer complaint on Twitter by sending a sexually explicit photo of a naked woman with a toy airplane.


Pot-Bellied Pig Runs Amok

Okay, I don’t know who allowed the pig to be brought on this Connecticut flight in the first place, but that really was asking for trouble. When the pig began defecating in the aisle and causing general mayhem, its owner was politely asked to clear off. The big question at the heart of all this is why would anyone own a pot-bellied pig in the first place? Ever heard of a dog?


Army Vet’s Service Dog Denied Entry

Not cool, US Airways. Denying a war veteran and his adorable service-pooch entry on a flight — what’s that all about? On his way from California to Hawaii to give a talk to suicidal veterans, disabled Army Sergeant Justin Bond was told that his dog Booner wasn’t allowed to fly, even though it clearly states that service dogs are allowed on US Airways flights. Just awful.



1 Time They Did Some Good

100% Share Bonus

In a year of some pretty bad blunders US Airways did find the time to offer their customers a sweet deal: a 100% quality share bonus in April. This translates as being able to buy miles for 1.1 cents each. Not bad at all.



[Photos: US AirwaysClinton Portis Official Website; KMPH; iStock]

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Icecat December 30, 2014

Looks like a hit piece on US Airways...regarding the disable vet- perhaps it should be: Veteran Neglected To Do Proper Research Concerning Travel To Hawaii With A Canine. Why would you put former Redskins running back Portis on your list. What exactly they did to be racist towards Portis is unclear because he offers no other explanation other than he is experiencing racism and calling them racist. FlyerTalk should be embarrassed to allow space for this rant.