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Unruly Bathroom Squatter Delays Spirit Flight

On Wednesday morning, a passenger occupying the lavatory of a Spirit Airlines aircraft departing from Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport (FLL) refused to vacate the restroom even after demands from flight crew, forcing the plane to delay its takeoff. The unruly passenger reportedly responded angrily when a flight attendant informed her that she was not allowed to carry an open container of beer aboard the flight and sealed herself in the lavatory in protest.

“Everybody asked her, ‘Please, get off,’ because we had 10 minutes to push off,” said a witness. “They were ready to push off, literally ready to push off. She’s the one that stopped the whole thing.”

To read more on this story, go to Consumerist.

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Mr. Vker June 2, 2017

Probably the most comfortable seat on the whole plane-this is Spirit, after all.

NYC96 June 2, 2017

She should be on the NO FLY LIST. Immediately.