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United’s New Business Class Brings More Transatlantic Routes

United Airlines has upped the ante for trans-Atlantic premium and business class seat offerings. The carrier has said that, thanks to the newly refreshed cabin of its Boeing 767-300ER craft, it now offers the most number of business class seats between NYC and London “than any other U.S. carrier.”

United’s premium and business class passengers traveling between London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) and the Newark/New York area can now enjoy the comforts of the freshly reconfigured cabin of its Boeing 767-300ER craft. The airline announced on Friday that this refreshed cabin will now offer 46 United Polaris business seats as well as 22 United Premium Plus seats.

According to the airline, this means that it offers the greatest number of business class seats between the NYC area and London than any other U.S. airline. These configurations are available on all soon-to-be five daily services between Newark or New York and London. Tickets for this fifth service will be available for purchase on Saturday for the period of travel beginning September 15th.

According to the airline, this refreshed cabin features over a “50 percent increase in-all-aisle-access seating.”

Speaking of these enhancements in a media statement, United Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella said, “By reconfiguring aircraft and adding more space and seats, and ultimately comfort, we are committed to making United the airline that customers choose to fly. We have seen an increase in customer demand for premium seats and we’re excited to be able to expand the number of seats on all of our flights between New York/Newark and London.

[Images: United]

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Global321 July 28, 2019

Umm Jackie... you know EVERY picture in the story is NOT UA Polaris, correct?

amanuensis July 28, 2019

From the mock-up artwork, it looks like United will be offering TOO many business-class seats. The flight left with each row having empty seats.

July 28, 2019

Why if this article is about United Business aka..Polaris do you have all pictures of their premium economy product. Should update the pictures to the actual Business seats.


This is a total farce. The only reason UA has 4-5 NY area flights to London is because they don’t have a TATL JV partner to London. This service pales in compassion to the frequency of DL/VS and AA/BA. And not to mention, EWR is a terrible airport that isn’t even located in New York proper.

wolvie007 July 28, 2019

How does the headline have anything to do with this article? Would also be nice if you included pictures of United’s Polaris Business Seats.