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United Gives Interim CEO $100,000 Monthly Raise

Brett J. Hart will earn an additional $100,000 in compensation during time as acting chief executive of United.

The acting chief executive of United Airlines will receive a bonus for his troubles as the legacy carrier’s interim leader. Regulatory filings by the Chicago-based airline disclosed Brett J. Hart will earn an additional $100,000 per month as part of his overall compensation package while he resides in the chief executive’s seat.

When Hart was hired by United in 2010, his base annual salary was $500,000 and he was eligible for a number of benefits, such as incentive pay. While Hart could earn well over $1 million during his tenure as leader of the airline, this figure pales to the exit package predecessor and fellow attorney Jeff Smisek received when he was ousted from the airline in early September. The former chief executive received an estimated $28 million payout on the condition that he agreed to cooperate with any future investigations.

Hart is the third chief executive in seven weeks at United Continental Holdings, the company formed by the merge of Continental Airlines and United. The executive vice president and chief counsel was appointed to his current post on Oct. 19 after chief executive Oscar Munoz suffered a heart attack and went on medical leave.

The regulatory filing did not elaborate on Munoz’s compensation package, nor has the airline provide a timetable for when he will return.

[Photo: United Airlines]

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