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United to Retrofit Its Boeing 757-300s with Slimline Seats in Economy

According to Aircraft manufacturer Boeing plans to replace the current economy class seating in its fleet of 757-300 aircraft with slimline seats, which will increase passenger density from 213 to 234. The change was revealed in a notice to pilots on December 17.

It is not yet confirmed whether economy class passengers will retain features such as personal TV screens and power outlets.

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January 1, 2018

The slimline seats are extremely uncomfortable, even in business class. Too bad.

joshwex90 December 31, 2017

Agreed RickyC66. I actually just went scouring the internet to see if UA had somehow squeezed an extra seat onto the 757!

RUAMKZ December 31, 2017

Yes, indeed, wrong equipment shown, for sure. But glad to see that there will be personal TV screens, which UA was trying to phase out. With Wi-Fi not being dependable, the "use you own device" malarkey is just not cutting it. Especially for passengers with small children. Not to mention some restrictions with personal electronics in some countries.

RickyC66 December 29, 2017

Yet another example of things getting worse for cattle class. But please note that the picture on this article showing seven seats across is of a wide-body 767, not of a narrow-body 757 as mentioned on this article. In this type of situation, it would help to add a clarification line either under the picture or next to the photo credits to avoid confusing readers.