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United States Representatives Push for More Coverage for TSA Agents

Image Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Wikimedia Commons

150 House Democrats, led by Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey, Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, and Salud Carbajal of California sent a letter on Monday to urge Congress to include safety protections for front-line workers like TSA agents.
In the letter, representatives call for an emergency temporary standard from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA to protect essential federal workers who face an elevated risk of exposure to the coronavirus while they’re working.
“Further, as federal workers continue to ensure that critical operations continue during this pandemic, many have already contracted COVID-19, some have died, and thousands more remain at risk for infection,” the letter reads. “This is why it is critical that any new legislation to respond to this pandemic include provisions to protect and support federal workers.”
Currently, while OSHA details steps that workplaces can take in response to the pandemic, it doesn’t require workplaces to take those steps. TSA agents, for example, don’t have the basic rights given to most federal workers. Emergency measures include increased hazard pay and expanded telework.
abc5 May 3, 2020

Thats true Boggie. As well as I have been disgusted at the bins and belts leading into their xray machines, and the panel flaps which drap over them. passengers have to put their shoes into the bins or onto the belt, depending on the airport and tsa staff. ive always wondered there is no one sterilizing any of this stuff. now its gonna have to be which it should have been in the first place just for sanitary standards. i forsee the tsa has to hand out disposable luggage garbage bags to clear their luggage through xray machines.

Boggie Dog April 30, 2020

Not one mask until TSA ensures the flying public has the exact same protections. Mandatory glove changes after contact with a passenger or baggage, no passengers being required to "adjust" a mask during screening.