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United Passenger Says ‘Bomb,’ Delays Flight

United Airlines Flight 4941 was delayed at Albany International Airport (ALB) on Wednesday after a passenger allegedly said the word “bomb.” According to Sheriff Craig Apple, a fellow passenger alerted flight crew upon hearing the word spoken, and the man was taken into custody. A search of the aircraft was conducted, and all passengers were removed from the flight until K9 units had made a full sweep. No bomb was found, and the flight was allowed to depart for Newark, New Jersey once the aircraft had been searched and proven safe.

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[Photo: United Airlines]


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djjaguar64 April 22, 2016

Ok, Bomb is just as bad as Insha-Alla.

seoane April 21, 2016

It is really sad to see the paranoia in the USA not only of the general public, but also of the airline officials. The "land of the free" is no longer free....sad!

tanja April 20, 2016

A child cant get lost on a plane. Depending on age it could be they need help to go to the bathroom. Being scared. Also we teach kids not to talk to strangers. In my case it was a transfering flight. They chande it ta that check in. They looked at me and said "this is your minor child " ? I said yes. On the plane they could not do it.

KRSW April 20, 2016

...but was it said in Arabic (قنبلة) ?