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United Jockeys for Position of Hawaii’s Top Airline

On Tuesday, United Airlines announced that it plans to add 11 new Hawaii flights. This move, according to United, would make it the airline with “the most flights between the mainland and the Hawaiian Islands than any other carrier.”

Additionally, United claims that it will step up the number of flights to and from Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

To read more on this story, go to USA Today.

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amanuensis June 17, 2017

United marketers -- how about "more flights ... than any other carrier"? Or if you must use "most", how about "the most flights ... of any carrier"? No need to pay me. I grant you a perpetual royalty-free license to use grammatically correct copy. You're welcome.

jonsail June 16, 2017

I like Hawaiian because it uses a two aisle jet with 2+4+2 seating in economy. If I can reserved far enough ahead my wife and I reserve window/aisle in the extra-comfort section which is very comfortable. Unfortunately, one has to reserve increasing far ahead to get that situation. All the United flights I have taken are 3+3 seating in economy. So right now, I believe Hawaiian has the better economy alternative.