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United Has a New Burger, and People Are Raving About It

United’s Choice Menu offers plenty to satisfy the hungriest of passengers, but for Live and Let’s Fly, the airline’s new burger is positively praiseworthy. In fact, the outlet says the bun alone is worth raving about. The burger is $10 and can be purchased on most of the airline’s domestic services.

From overnight oats and sausage sandwiches to mini mezze platters and even a cheeseboard, United Airlines‘ Choice Menu options offer plenty for the hungry passenger. But it’s the airline’s new burger that has recently taken the fancy of Live and Let’s Fly.

Listed under the United’s lunch and dinner options, the impressive called, the “Everything bun burger,” is described as an “all-beef patty and Swiss cheese on a bun topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt, garlic and onion”. The burger is then served up with “…Sir Kensington’s ketchup, mustard and chipotle mayonnaise on the side”.

Best Bun in the Cabin

The outlet praised the burger for its mayonnaise and topping of Swiss cheese, but reserved most of its accolades for the bun itself, which, it said, “…was fabulous.”

While it observed that the conventional burger toppings of lettuce and tomatoes are not available as accompaniments, their absence, the website reasoned “…places more emphasis on taste on the meat and cheese…and bun.”

The Final Verdict

“Unlike its underhanded changes to the MileagePlus program, at least you can always count on United to offer a good burger,” the outlet noted.

The burger is priced at $10 and is available to purchase on most domestic services that depart the U.S. between 9:45 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

[Image: United]

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tryathlete December 8, 2019

Booking flights for airline food is a recipe for disappointment.

jimatems December 4, 2019

I asked for the burger in place of the disgusting first class entrée last night. It was dessicated. There was no mayonnaise. From what I could tell, the burger might have been pretty good before being over-baked. All I can say in its favor is it was better than the first class. United first class entrées have been abysmal. After a couple of bites of what was billed as buffalo chicken was disgusting. Later, I threw up. That dish has been the choice on four of my flights in the past month. The alternative is a cold bowl of noodles. I am booking afternoon flights because the fruit plate snack is quite good. I pine for the old days of soup and a sandwich. Do United executives eat this swill?

strickerj November 21, 2019

I suppose the one bright side to Buy-on-Board service is it made the airlines offer food worth paying for.

Irpworks November 21, 2019

Tried to buy it but all they had aboard was breakfast on a lunch international flight!