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United Expresses Interest in Boeing’s MoM

United Airlines’ chief financial officer, Andrew Levy,  claims that the carrier has expressed immense interest in Boeing’s prospective middle-of-the-market aircraft. At the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Americas conference today, Levy said, “it has a lot of merit and, if they decide to launch it, we’d be very interested in considering it.” The potential MoM aircraft from Boeing is expected to feature a twin-aisle layout.

United Airlines is in need of aircraft to replace its current mid-market fleet. Commenting on the need for improved MoM aircraft, United president Scott Kirby said, “the A321 does a nice job but it doesn’t quite meet all the needs we have out of Newark. That being said, the 757 didn’t, either.”

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landgraf13 March 9, 2017

As of now, their new nomenclature is YX, such as Y1, Y2 and Y3 for the Yellowstone project. These are still plans and prototypes so who knows what it will be come production.

sdsearch March 9, 2017

Boeing needs to work on an aircraft naming plan revision. Just one left in the current long-=running series - 797 -- and then they'll have to do something other than 7x7 numbers. The Boeing 808 aircraft, anyone? (They can't change just the last digit because airlne often abbreviate existing Boing planes like 767-300 to 763, so the change has to be in the first digit at least.)