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United Doesn’t Feel Pain After Dragging Passenger Away

Carrier ends April “ahead of all primary competitors” in key performance indicators.

Despite calls to boycott United Airlines after numerous customer service gaffes, the Chicago-based carrier reported strong passenger gains in April. The growth was revealed from the April 2017 performance report, released on May 9.

According to the carrier’s measurements, aircraft flying domestic routes departed on average at 87 percent full, an increase of 2.8 points from the same time last year. On international routes, aircraft departed just over 78 percent full, improving 2.4 percent from the same period in 2016. Compared year-to-date, United has grown their domestic passenger load factor by one percent.

In addition, United touted their ability to finish the month “ahead of all primary competitors in important metrics.” This includes on-time departures and arrivals, as well as a 145-hour zero-cancellation streak. The report did not offer quotes or insights from executives about their performance.

United’s growth report comes during the same month the carrier faced extreme criticism for their handling of several customer service situations. April opened with the airline defending their policies for flyers traveling on “buddy passes,” and escalated when a passenger was forcefully removed off United Flight 4511 mid-month. As a result, social media users called for bans of the airline, continuing their vitriol after offering the current retweet record holder a free flight. United chief executive Oscar Munoz ultimately offered an apology on national television over the UA3411 incident, after refunding those passengers for the price of their flights.

Stock of United Continental Holdings, the parent company of the airline, dipped in the midst of the UA3411 scandal before closing at a three-month high shortly after revealing their April 2017 results. The company announced that total passenger revenue could increase by three percent at the end of the second quarter.

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Artpen100 May 12, 2017

I wasn't entirely sure, but given that people routinely complain about being treated like cattle yet continue by and large to book whichever ticket is cheapest by a few dollars, I suspected that the incident would not really change buyers' behavior.

FlyingNone May 12, 2017

I could have told you that 24 hours after Dr. Dao was dragged off. For every person that says they are not going to fly a particular airline anymore, there are thousands online or on the phone booking themselves silly at that very moment.