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United Brings Back Popular Gift Program

Chicago, IL, USA - March 17, 2016: A United Airlines 747-400 landing on 28C at the Chicago O'hare Airport.

Enjoy a holiday gift on United this year. The airline is bringing back its popular gift box program.

Starting on the first of this month, United Airlines has officially brought back its popular gift box program on some routes. Passengers bound for Las Vegas from all of United’s domestic hubs – including Chicago, Houston, and New York – will receive custom-designed gift boxes full of goodies to use at the destination.

In 2013, the airline piloted the program in a partnership with the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vega. This year, two hotels are partnered with United: The Venetian and The Palazzo. And it doesn’t have to end after the holiday season; the promotion this time around will continue for multiple years.

The boxes contain discounts for food, lodging, and entertainment, plus an amenity item that will change quarterly. First up is a microfiber cloth. Employees will get partial gift boxes as well, with hotel discounts at both partner hotels.

“United first launched an inflight gift program with the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in 2013, and the program was very popular among our employees and customers,” Sean Burke, United’s partnership development senior manager, told Chicago Business News. “We are thrilled to bring back this program in partnership with two top hotels in Las Vegas.”

In addition, United has rolled out some new apps to integrate with passengers’ home technology. A Fitbit app allows customers to leave their cellphones in their pockets and access flight information and boarding passes on the Fitbit itself. And the new Google Assistant app United released allows passengers to stay on top of flight information at home through smart speakers.

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kkua December 18, 2017

Hotel discounts are useless. Those who fly to Vega$ without proper hotel reservations are the ones with plenty of discretionary spending. Even with the discounts, short notice hotel rooms are not cheap.

Icecat December 12, 2017

Pretty sure, the bloggers and their assistants should get new pictures as the 744 is no longer flying the sky for United.

jonsg December 11, 2017

Given that the Venetian and Palazzo are essentially two halves of the same hotel, I'm not entirely convinced that qualifies as two!